My Mega Project

Cloudy weather. Good weather to have a walk outside of air-conditioned room. I have been lazy-butted myself comfortably in front of my monitor for FB games and TV for Astro on Demand. These days few house warming invitations from friends and everybody starts asking when is the completion of my Mega Project, so I thought it is good time with good weather to have the very first progress update on my Mega Project.

Let's move to the construction site...

Opps, unpaved road. Gotta be cautious, safety first.

Hmmm... Which is my Mega Project? Here it's...

Visually, it looks like it's more than 50% complete. However, financially, the developer only asked 35% of progressive payment thus far.

No photo for interior as there were engineers and site supervisors inspecting the progress too, I was advised not to disrupt their visit. Correct correct correct, inspect betul betul to make sure my house is built with tip top quality. :)

That's all for now. House warming now, it's time for barbecue. Yum yum! :)


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