Saturday, September 12, 2009

Enrich My Life

Bills, bills, bills.

Statements, statements, statements.

This is not a love letter era anymore. Don't expect postman delivers love letters, but bills follow credit card statements from banks every month without fail.

Well, sometimes there's surprise. I was excited when I received this envelope...

It's a very familiar border, I knew I would get something good out from this envelope by its decorated border pattern on top left edge, it seems to be a trademark to the company. Opened the envelope and the letter read...

Yoohoo! I am back to Enrich Gold!

Enrich is the frequent flyer program by Malaysia Airlines MAS. If you fly frequently, in particular when you are on personal trip that typically you are flying economy class, it's very convenient that you can enjoy privileges such as business class check in even you are flying economy class, access to MAS Golden Lounge, 50% extra baggage allowance and so forth, of course you must be an Enrich Gold member.

From the beginning, I guess 5 years ago, I was a "blue" guy...

Then double promotion to become a Gold member because of my frequent travels...

For few years I enjoyed the Gold privilege whenever I was on personal vacation. Until recently that my company cut almost all the travel that I hardly travel like last time, I was then downgraded to Silver member few months ago...

2 months back, I flew again, credited about 21,000 points into my account and consequently the welcome back letter with the familiar card...

If I am not wrong, the Gold qualification is to credit 50,000 points in a year (or 12 months period) to be promoted to Gold. I recalled I only have about 35,000 points and definitely way to go to qualify as a Gold member. Meaning, this upgrade is actually a courtesy from MAS, just like it mentioned in the letter that my loyalty to MAS is recognized and appreciated...

Thanks MAS! There is another good story about the cabin service quality, hopefully the crews still keep up the good job after the CEO left the company. Thus far the only Malaysian company that has quality customer service, that's the way to keep the customers.


  1. congrats... but somewat u r not alone :P

  2. You promoted too? Congrats!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! Pity me this "local".. would you be kind enough to spare me some points?

  4. this year end will be gone after my redemption. no more points since no more travel :(