Klang Digital Mall

Nowadays I seldom drive into the town due to constructions and rapid change of traffic flow in the town. My daily route is back and forth office and home, via either NKVE or Federal Highway. So I am out of clue what's happening in the town. However, I will still drive into the town occasionally if want to get some good food, cheap groceries or homewares or somethings you don't find it elsewhere.

On one of those days, I noticed the old wet market location that I used to frequent during kid time has been converted to become a Digital Mall...

This building was developed by one of my friends, his father's company to be precise. I knew the plan was to build an office building but did not know it's now a digital mall. Perhaps it's the trend just like the one in USJ 19.

After I've done my business, I made a lap to get back to the mall for a visit...

It's still free parking. But I would not recommend female to park inside if alone, even I was hesitated if I would get raped or my lovely FD2 would get molested.

Walked into the mall, I was welcomed with this...

Majority of the stores are still close. Worse, without the stripes like "renovation in progress" that I found in USJ 19 Digital Mall previously. Meaning, the shops are vacant and no business in plan.

Moved up and down 2 3 floors, only few shops were opened for business...

I don't know how long the mall has been in operations but certainly not worth a visit. I was looking for dual layer DVD-R but none of the shops sell! So don't waste your time to visit.

If you still want to lepak there for free air cond or simple stuff like mouse or CDR, it's at Jalan Pasar...

N3 02.901 E101 26.763.


  1. wAhLau eH!!! sHOPping iN KLaNG?? cAN FInD mY kEyBoArD BO???

  2. I never seen such a stingy developer ever. The free parking only open from 10 am to 6pm, the schedule changed recently. Really disappointed on their policy.


  3. lol. my friend would know if he's reading this. IMHO, 10am - 6pm might be just nice for people who drive and work there. may be 9am - 6pm is better option.

  4. Definitely a better option of course. I think your friend just stingy for outsiders to park into the parking lots. Your friend probably don't know about Feng Shui, as people is consider "water" as well. Sigh.


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