Chicken Run or Piggy Run

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Remember this animation? I didn't watch though, only know the plot from wikipedia.

I am not a chicken, I am a piglet, known by all my friends. Chickens needed to run because Mr. Tweedy want to turn them into chicken pies. I need not run 'cause no body gonna turn me into pork pie, suckling pig or my hometown's signature, the Bah Kut Teh. There are better "kobe pork" (ala kobe beef) to be cooked than this Jacko piglet.

But I need to run. Some more I need to sacrifice my piggy zzz time for a run. And this is the run that makes me need to run...

The Mizuno Wave Run 2009.

A marathon fanatic keep on correcting me, this is not a marathon, it's only 10km, sap sap sui only. Ya, but for a piggy like me, 100m also consider marathon liao. I wonder what is the Chinese zodiac of this bugger? Is he a chicken?

Anyway, again, I don't necessary to go for a run, no body will cook me if I don't run. But I need to keep my Titanic promise, "You run I run". It happened that somebody was nagged for 3 weeks to join the run. I thought the decision (not to run) could stand forever since the decision was firmed for 3 weeks, so I simply commit "you run I run lah". In a split second, I received a message, "hey, I am joining the run, you better sign up, XXX will pass you the form...". In a split second again, XXX came to my workplace and passed me the form!

On the next 2 days, a series of "training program" was put in place by the marathon fanatic for 2 months until the run day. Some motivation emails were sent to boast the morale too, I guess I'm the only one who has not started anything yet, except to recruit a "runaway" rescue car so that I could run away half way during the run day. Hehe...

Here's the detail of the run...

Or get more details from the site. You will receive a 25% discount coupon upon payment...

You can pay at any Mizuno retail store.

So warning to y'all, think twice when you want to commit a Titanic promise. T_T

If you see a dying pig during the run, that's me!


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