Haagen Daz Moon Cake?!


Meaning, living alone in a strange city, you have more home sickness during festivals. I felt that 2 months ago when I was on business trip. I missed the dumpling festival. I thought I could cure my homesick at Tai Pei Airport during transit, but the restaurant no longer sells rice dumpling. Sigh~

But nope, I am not on trip now, neither business trip nor personal vacation. I am at home watching TV series comfortably now. So I am not missing home but enjoying staying home now, even refused some mamak sessions. I am a boy next door. Hehe... :P I think I will become more 宅男 otaku when I complete my mega project in a year or two.

What festival is coming? Obviously 八月十五 lor. The moon cake or lantern festival. It's a month to go, but you can find the moon cakes everywhere now, including Haagen Dazs...

The Haagen Dazs' ice cream moon cake. It's only smaller than a tennis ball. It's no doubt very presentable by its outlook, just like any ordinary ice cream cake for birthday or special occasions. Even I was in a hurry for a date, I was very curious to know why it's named moon cake 'cause the shape does not appeal to me like a moon cake. May be the inside...

I scooped it. It's chocolate ice cream, typical Haagen Dazs ice cream. Of course yummy, then I told myself to get a last scoop before I got late...

Oh, the hidden yellowish layer tasted like peach.

So, now I know why it's called moon cake. It's just only merely the colors made it like a moon cake. The dark brown chocolate skin made it like the moon cake skin, the brown chocolate ice cream made it like the lotus paste in a moon cake and the yellow peach ice cream made it like the yolk of salted egg in a moon cake. That it is. Look at the ordinary moon cake...

source from wikipedia

To me, if Haagen Dazs really want to make an ice cream moon cake, they should at least imitate what an ordinary moon cake looks like, not simply use whatever round shape mold they have in the kitchen, stuff in ice cream, name the final product a moon cake and price it a premium tag. Oh, this round ice cream priced > RM30, more expensive than other Haagen Dazs ice cream because it's named ice cream "moon cake".

If you want an ice cream moon cake, look elsewhere. If you want to eat Haagen Dazs ice cream, you can eat other varieties, not worth paying RM30 for this tiny round shaped ice cream.


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