Esso or Mobil?

Do you have Esso or Mobil petrol station near your area or along your daily route? Ever notice some changes in the station especially the Mobil station? You should see something like this...

This station used to be a Mobil station but has been rebranded to Esso recently. As far as I know, this is part of the rebranding effort, Esso will be the brand name and Mobil (or the well known Mobil 1) will be the product name. So eventually, all Esso and Mobil stations in Malaysia will have a consistent outlook like shown above. And the convenience store will be rebranded from Mobil Mart or Tiger Mart to On The Run...

With this rebranding activity, the station is giving away some gift...

Glasses like this...

There are tissue boxes etc. So pay attention to any Esso and Mobil stations nearby to you. Grab something from the station, while stock last.

Remember to bring your Smiles card to realize your dream (realisasikan impian anda), or apply one at the station if you don't have. The points never expire.

Sound like a sale ad hor? Hehe... I don't earn anything.


  1. tot they will give you one glass of extra petrol when u buy more than RM50 haha.

    btw the glass looks ugly

  2. good idea, can drop ur idea to suggestion box! my mom said the same thing re: glass, sumore said "tin siao ter"... ur hokkien pua tang chooi, sure dun understand one. hehe...

  3. surely the glass looks more like for scooping oil than to drink water haha.

    wat is "tin siao ter"? ur hokkien different from mine la. i guess is like 'jor teng' in canto?


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