Some Junks From Work Life...

Yoohoo!! I'm finally OFF from work!!

Last Friday was my last day in the company... ... ... err... for the year of 2008. I went around the office to greet people Happy Holidays and used the same trick like I did last year, but this year none of them was conned. Haha... Not bad, all learned. This was how I tricked my peers...

Me: Hey, I am going off. Today is my last day in the company, just wanna shake hand with you and greet you Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year before I cabut (go off).

The "last year" reaction...

"What?! Last day?! Are you kidding me?! How come you never tell until now?! Where are you going??"

Me: I told you what!! Remember I mentioned about it during lunch last week? Going where? Hmmm... Undecided yet, may be to Singapore, may be will just stay at home...

"You got told me meh? Aiya, whatever lah. So what company?? Accenture? HP? Intel? IBM? Shell? DHL? Cartrade? etc etc. Wherelah?? Don't lah be so secretive!!"

Me: Huh?! What are you talking about?! Ehlo brader, I am just going off for long vacation lah!! Clear leave lah!! Today is my last day in the company for the year of 2007 lah!! That's why I come to greet you 'cause I can only see you next year lah! What HP, Intel bla bla bla?!

An innocent face after kena conned.

"Tiu!! I thought you are resigning..."

This year, everyone learned and became smarter, some even reacted this way when I not even reached their workplace...

"Ya ya ya... I know is your last day. Oklah, see you next year in the SAME company! Merry X'mas and Happy New Year in advance!"

Hehe... Must think of new trick for YE09! ;)

Having some fun is a MUST in the office, otherwise the entire office atmosphere is so dry with air-cond and boreness. Not only the above, I recalled few jokes that I had with my peers especially the CIMB group and we were the noisiest cubicles at the entire floor because of nonsense jokes we like to make out of the peaceful office to break the silences...

This is one of them...

M: Woi! Boss not around, let's go makan besar (eat big)! We go fish head curry lah.

C (me): I'm OK. Neh (dude), wanna join or not?

I: Good idea! I'm OK too. What about B?

B: Err... Eat what? There got vegetables or not? I'm vegetarian.

M: Ehlo brader, you vegetarian, this Cina Beng babitarian (pork lover) lah. They don't sell babi he also go lah, why can't you go? This is "team building" lunch lah!

B: Ok ok! Join join join!

Hehe... It's a valid question but we just like to make some harmless fun on each other.

Here's another one...

B: Ok, see you guys in 2 weeks time.

C (me): You on leave? Where are you going?

B: I'm going back home town, Sungai Petani (SP).

C (me): Oh I see. Your home town is SP.

A few seconds pause, trying to find some "loophole"...

C (me): Hey, your home town is SP, then why are you here?!

B: Why I can't be here? Funny lah you!!

C (me): See, we have Jalan Duta (Ambassador Road) which have many ambassadors living along the road. Your hometown is SP, you should be a Petani (farmer) living by tepi sungai (riverside)! What the hell are you doing in this IT department here?! Correct or not? Logic or not?

I: LoL. Correct correct correct.

B: ... ... ... moment of silence with straight face.

Let's get another CIMB's joke...

M: Arrgh!! My Maxis 3G keeps on disconnecting lah!! Cina Beng, how's yours? How many "bars" you have on the signal?

C (me): same lah! Disconnecting!! Lousy Maxis!

I: May be "bar" tender would help...


M: Ya, "Bar" Council also can help.


C (me): "Ba"-bi (pig) sure helpful. Today must eat "Bah" Kut Teh, then only can get full Bah (bar).


M: betul betul betul (correct correct correct).

What about this last one I could recall?

Auntie: Hey, do you know this gentleman Tom XXXX? What is his full name in address book?

Uncle: Ya but his full name... err...

Auntie: That's the problem lah. Those mat salleh always give their short name only in the conference. You'd know Tom can be Tommy, Thomas etc etc... ...

Out of sudden without auntie's and uncle's expectation...

Me: Try to find Tom Yam in the address book. Good luck!

LoL, the whole area, aunties and uncles, boys and gals, ladies and gentlemen.

Auntie (while laughing): This naughty kid! Please shut off your ears!

That's all I could recall. This sounds like a year end review, hehe... but there were many more. Perhaps in the future I should blog it out from time to time and publish it as a pocket sized joke book. Hmm... another business opportunity. Hehe...

Anyway, have fun during this holiday season. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate. Yahooooo!

Bro and sis, I'm coming for your Turkey meal!!


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