D-Link DNS-323 NAS For Sale [SOLD]

I bought a network attached storage NAS a month ago. I blogged a quick post about it, but I did not follow up with further reviews, I just had no time to play with it until now, finally. This post should be the "Part 2", however, it becomes a lelong post for this gadget of mine.

After I bought the NAS, I went to Low Yat to buy an 1TB Seagate 32MB buffer 7200rpm SATA II harddisk to start my "project"...

I did not buy 2 harddisks (since DNS-323 supports 2 harddisks) 'cause I was waiting for the upcoming PC Fair and hoped the price would drop further. In addition, 1.5TB HDD was released in our market here, and I planned to slot in an 1.5TB harddisk to the second slot after its price drops to the reasonable and affordable range.

So I slotted the 1TB HDD into the NAS...

And powered it on...

I formatted the HDD as a single standard drive and copied few gigs of files over normal Windows network share (SMB) into the NAS for trial...

I started the FTP service with Dynamic DNS. It passed the test that my friends uploaded few hundreds MB of files onto it and downloaded some GPS maps and files from it...

Oh, for security reason, I used local network access to the FTP, not my real domain accessible from internet.

I started the iTunes Server and my iTunes on my PC detects it immediately and connect to it without any hiccup...

The key feature that I wanted is BitTorrent...

Perfect! Now I don't have to switch on my PC 24x7, Green IT man!

Somehow, there's a slight change in my 2-year mega project. As I mentioned in my previous post that my group of gadget geeks have started to build our media storage at home. DNS-323 fits perfectly for my group project all the while until one bugger discovered something not-so-new called BluRay just a week before I took my long leave. Well, everyone of us knew about BluRay, we did not venture into it 'cause it's relatively new in Malaysia that it's hard to obtain the source. But, source is no longer an issue now, this bugger found a shop that is selling and also renting BluRay movies within our affordability! We were so excited when we knew about it and started the typical human behavior, commenting that downloaded movies are lousy lah, not clear lah, eye pain lah and so forth. Haha! Now all of us want to go for 1920x1080p, full HD BluRay movies! Of course, few of us have been looking into full HD LED or plasma TV or even projector, which is also part of my 2-year mega project. ;)

Because of this BluRay thingy, now I plan to sell off my lovely DNS-323 NAS. This is because 2TB is enough to keep my media files if I retain my movie files at normal resolution. It's definitely insufficient if I start to collect BluRay movies which typically come in size of 30GB - 40GB per movie, compare to at most 4GB per movie in normal resolution. That's why I plan to let go my brand new NAS and look for an upgrade to higher end like 4TB NAS.

I am letting it go at RM370, firmed. The whole package is still intact, as brand new as if it was just out from the factory...

The original receipt will be handed to the buyer too for warranty proof. The warranty is directly from the distributor, SiS Distribution. Optionally, if you would like to buy together with my 1TB harddisk, add on RM370 for it. Similarly, original receipt will be handed to with 3 years warranty from Seagate and retailer from C-Zone in Low Yat.

You can check out more official details at D-Link site. Also, you can try its software over here to get more comfort and confidence with this toy.

So any taker? Email me at blog [at] Jacko.MY. Siapa cepat dia dapat. Hehe...


  1. hands off! wait. it's with me already. lol

    still trying to be geeky and set the thing up

    one really wonders how far 1tb can take you.

  2. Hi FI, nice meeting you and thanks for the "support"!!

    If you are a nerd like me, 1TB is like 10MB in today's PC - NOTHING. If you are just to backup your data and share normal files (NOT BluRay), then perhaps 1TB is really like 1GB harddisk back to 1990s time - HUGE man! :)

    Let me compile the online resources that I have and then send to you...

    A good new year gift to pamper yourself. Happy New Year!!

  3. Dude, I typically download HD titles in 1080p at 8GB - where do you get this 30-40GB from?

  4. I believe yours are compressed 1080p. i got the BlueRay files which are uncompressed from local stores in my country. So far hv not found any sites that provides uncompressed HD titles download.


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