100th Posts!!

Another 10 days will be the brand new year 2009.

Everyone is counting down to the holidays, but some are still counting down in the office, to clear off the stakes of works on the table before holidays.

At Jacko.MY, I am also counting down or perhaps it should be called counting up. Kinda excited especially making such remark from Kiasu Land, enjoying my sweet moment with my cutie darling. And because of that count, it makes this post even more remarkable and meaningful. Look at this...

By the time I hit the PUBLISH POST button...

It becomes the century post! It's the first 100th posts at Jacko.MY, it's actually the accumulated second 100th posts of mine.

I traced back, this new blog was started on 28 June, so it's about 6 months old. Average the 3500 hits, it's estimatedly 600 hits a month with about 20 hits a day. So little?! I must do something!! Anyway, let it grow by itself.

Let's publish and now it's...

100th Anniversary!


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