These days, there are too many singing or performance competitions on the TV. American Idol, America's Got Talent, Malaysia Idol, and the Astro Star Quest (ASQ) I blogged previously, One Million Star (超級星光大道) and so forth.

I asked myself, "What if I join one of these contests?"

"Would I become a celebrity? Hmmm..." If I really do, I think I would be a legend in my family and social ring, like a crow which can be seen everywhere in my home town, fly onto the tree and become phoenix, 乌鸦飞上枝头变凤凰. Hehe... Too bad, I think I am over age for the competitions, there goes my opportunity. :(

But, there is always hope in life. Life is so beautiful right?

Recently I discovered another competition. As far as I know, it has no age restriction, from 9 to 80 years old. It exposes a golden opportunity for me to... err... hmmm... realize my dream to become a celebrity, you'd know. This competition is much much much more suitable for me than any others I mentioned above. It's now showing on Astro's Hua Hee Dai, channel 333 every night 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Proudly I introduce you the Hokkien International Singing Competition, or HISC, 全球闽南语歌曲创作演唱大赛, or MNIdol, MN stands for Ming Nan 闽南...

Why it's the best for me? Because linpeh speak Hokkien at home, linpeh talk Hokkien in my home town, linpeh chat in Hokkien with friends in Yahoo! and MSN, linpeh reply sms in Hokkien to my gang, linpeh even blog in Hokkien and linpeh sing Hokkien songs in karaoke. If that does not justify enough, I am Cina Beng living in this Ah Beng town that majority speaks Hokkien and my hometown had produced few Hokkien celebrities whom were best in Malaysia and Singapore, sometimes in Taiwan and China also. Cool enough?? Kia boh??

Now I need to think about song. Think no more, this is just an easy one. For sure I am gonna sing this as the first song in competition and I have not heard anyone sang the same song in this year competition...

Endearing right? Not only the rhythm, read the lyric properly. If I really make it, I might on my way to earn my first 1,000,000 dollars! Hooh! Can't imagine that!

Ok guys, if any of you going for the competition, this song is MINE!!

So what's next? If you know this singer, he has 2 hot sexy partners called miaomiao 喵喵組合, the kitten couple who always perform together with him...

Is this a mission impossible to me? Nay, not at all! I already found 2 hot chicks to be my partner. You'd know, when I say hot chicks, I really mean it. I always get jealousy stares full with enmities from guys when I walk with them in KLCC area. One of my peers even checked with me the status of one of them. Funny! If available, do you think I would be so generous to let go??!! LoL...

So what about mutual understanding? Another kacang puteh easy job. We partnered singing the song in a recent karaoke session and the result was almost perfect, just like the performance above. They were so happy to be my miaomiao, perhaps a little more practice is needed. Haha!

So what am I waiting?! I should not be blogging here but singing on the stage!! Well, if you know me and my job, I am a talk cock guy man! But who knows if I get retrenched due to economy recession, you would likely see me on the stage next year. Hehe... With 2 miaomiao, may be.

We shall see...

p/s: dreaming time~


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