Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mega Project #4 - Ponding Test

While there are many minor problems I filed against the developer, there is only one that concerns me most, which is leaking.

If you find leaking when you first step into the house, I would rather congrats you the luckier in the unlucky group (just like me). IMHO, that's slightly better. Just imagine if you only realize there's leaking like waterfall after you renovated and moved in, how do you feel that especially if you have plaster ceiling? Definitely a nightmare and this is what I try to tackle before I begin the renovation.

From a layman view, there are 2 types of common leaking. One is due to rain and one is due to improper drainage and waterproofing in toilet. In my previous post, I identified the former leaking problem on rain. I consider it's fortunate for me as there were heavy rains before and after the rectification by the developer, the rain helped in my inspection. While the developer wanted to sign off my complaints, I demanded them to inspect other possible leaks due to the latter, which is what they called the ponding test for the upstairs toilet.

It's a very simple test, look at this...

What the developer did is to cover up the floor trap and flood the toilet with water for 24 hours (BS the developer if they say 2 to 4 hours is more than sufficient). If waterproofing is done properly, there would be no leaking after a day of ponding. Go to downstairs right below the toilet and inspect...

Yoohoo! No leaking!

The last part of test is to drain out the water after the removal of the plaster from the floor trap. Check the manholes and whatever reachable drainage pipes. Get yourself ready with a ladder for the inspection...

If no sign of leaking, congratulations! You've got a leak-free house!

I hope it's not the case but if your developer refuses to offer such service, try to insist and justify like I did to my developer. Worst, you can DIY. Go to stationery store and get yourself a few of this...

Modeling clay. Cover the floor trap with the clay just like above and inspect after 24 hours. Good luck!

Now it's time to review and decide on the contractor for renovation. Gosh, another headache!

By the way, a teaser on the "key enabler" of my Mega Project...

Damn! It's definitely a miss to WC2010. :(


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