Intel Venture Into Shoe Industry

These are the new CPU from Intel, the CORE series of i3, i5 and i7.

Do you know there's something planned by Intel behind the launch of these CPUs? And do you know these CPUs come with a hidden technology? Read on to get the insights!

These CPUs come with Turbo Boost technology...

What is this Turbo Boost? Here you go...

It gives you booster whenever you need it. To be precise, it's not Livita that gives you the boost but Turbo Boost gives the boost to your computer. Hit to the link if you keen to know more.

But do you know that Intel was trying to venture into shoe industry with this Turbo Boost technology? No kidding! You don't believe me?! Here's the proof...

The 2 latest shoes (or boots to be exact) were also named i5 and i7 respectively...

With Turbo Boots technology!

What is Turbo Boots? I guess it turbo charges the boots so that you can either walk faster or even fly. Hit on to find out more.

Hehe... Of course you will get "Page not found" error on link above, Intel did not venture into shoe industry and therefore there's no such Turbo Boots technology for their boots. It's printing error in the pamphlet I got from Harvey Norman months ago when I bought my 1810TZ.

Intel, Intel, where is your quality control? Hopefully this is one off and same thing does not happen to the CPU you produce.

Do I get a prize spotting this? Nay, I still had to pay for my 1810TZ.


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