Mega Project #3


And Sadly!

I am kinda excited to collect my house key weeks ago. I am kinda sad too that my saving account is soon turning zero or even negative for renovation :( There goes my $$ and also time (I was silent for more than a month in the blog!)

What am I up to now? Well, it's expected that you will never get a perfectly finished house from developers. Never ever. Same thing happens in US too when I talked to my boss. And 承他贵言 by his wishes to me, I was glad that there is no big problem like structural crack to my new house. Phew~ and fingers crossed . Nevertheless, you bet it's never ever the case that I have no complaints if you know me. Hehe... that's what I am up to now, spending (wasting?!) my time inspecting every millimeter of the house and its compound. Though, I was quite happy with the finishing but I still ended up to receive such "compliment" from developer's customer service personnel, "Wah! You are the only one who submit 2 pages of complaints!"

Hehe... What to do? Perfectionist :P

So what were my complaints? Let me share some with you, perhaps can be some tips to you if you are buying a property.

Some plaster cracks...

Broken items...

These are minor. Most important is to look for leaking and water marks...

I reckoned leaking is the major problem I have so far. Fortunately mine wasn't the serious leaking, according to my contractor and it's been rectified. So I suggest you to inspect your house after rain or during rain.

If you can't make it during rainy day, try look for watermarks on the floor...

It may or may not be due to leaking. It could be residual from clean up.

That's all for now. I gotta write up another complaint sheet now. Hehe...


  1. Do you mind to share more after filling the complaint?

    1. It's attended promptly and rectified. Hv been living 2 years and all good :)


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