Genuine Bah Kut Teh BKT

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I was just wandering around net, n just curious if i could find a definition on bak kut teh, then i found this: where is klang.

over here in Bandar DiRaja, we no need eye on m'sia or ass on watever to attract ppl. put aside fresh seafood fr pulau ketam that i blogged before, wit only BAK KUT TEH, we oledie can easily cause some jams in the town during weekend. ho liao leh??!!

if u eat BKT outside of BDR, u r eating counterfeit food!! just like u r changing couterfeit spare part for ur car!! b warned!! counterfeit spare parts cause problems to ur car loh, so use la genuine spare part (or u may laosai)...

aiyor, pat tor yao liao... 3 wk din eat liao... now must go eat!!! BDR BOLEH!! BAK KUT TEH BOLEH!!


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