Monday, January 8, 2007

Car Jack

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Today heard a bad news... one of my colleagues' car got robbed at the middle of the nite... he was on the way back after a midnite movie wit darling. after he sent her bck, he mah drove like usual bck to his house. on the way bck, someone bang his car fr the back. of course by basic instinct he mah stopped the car n came out to hv a look on the damage. 2 giant indian guys came out fr the car, then out of sudden, one of the indian pushed him to the car n hung his neck wit bare hands, the other one ran to the car n got a parang, n told him "we wan ur car"... wit him alone n no weapon n at the middle of the nite, he got no choice but to obey wat tat 2 blackie asked for, fortunately he managed to grabbed his wallet n phone b4 the car was drove off...

this is actually nothing new n big, u can read mutliple of them in the paper everyday... but this time it happened to someone i know, n compared to other cases reported in the paper, he is darn extreme super duper lucky fortunate this time... 'cos most of the time the victim had no chance to even come bck to office to tell the story, either "check in" hosp or oledie in cold storage (touch wood)... glad i still maintain the same number of frens, seeing him "untouched" in the office today - bravo guy!... more relief - his gf not in the car, else other bad thing might happen.

by observing around to those who heard the story, looks like nobody really absorbed the company culture of "lesson learn" (may b today not tuesday...) most ppl still joked around the story... anyway, b reminded:

1. such incident nowadays is regardless what gender u r... guy gal ahkua pondan or fr Mars. so dun simply act macho unless it's ur territory 地头 n ur backups can appear like aladdin instantly after ur wisel.

2. 1st thing to do is drive ur car fwd a little bit, look bck by turning ur head (dun use the reflective mirror, u might confuse 6 wit 8 or vice versa), check the plate number n car model. stayed in the car n see what's next. tell urself kena 4-ekor is more important than anything else, then sure u can memorize the car number. dun b the 1st one to come out unless ur whole car is klg mafia la... always remember ur car got insurance coverage, so worst case u still pay zero cent to repair, just NCB returned to 0%.

3. for gals, immediately speed dial someone on ur phone, tell the car number, car model, location. no need to explain thoroughly wat happen, n PLS DONT CRY!! if u come out fr the car, always hv the handphone in ur pocket, dun leave it in the car! holding in ur palm is risky too... no pocket?? then keep it in ur bra (tell me if u dun wear). for guys ar, of course 1st thing call ur backups or whoever can bring kachang to u la...

4... 5... 6... there r many things to practice, but those basis can possibly let u survive for an assault like this...

ohya for guys, dun act hero if u hv someone needs ur protection in the car... u r the hero if u successfully protect her, n u r bahka yaro if something bad happens to her.

one last thing which may not sound so right, but if u wan to buy 4 ekor, get endorsement fr the victim directly...

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