Suey Don't Come Alone

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In 4 days time, dunno who jampi me till i damn suey siao...

first, tyre puncit when forcing an idiot taxi driver up to the divider. of course, at last i din make it, cos tyre puncit la! bloody hell, can't remember the abc, but the plate is 6539 red-white taxi!! dun ever let me see u on the road, esp in klg... i can use ur car to cook bkt!!

then, my ext hdd's bad sector increased! fr 2 kb to 16kb, caused me lost a 79% torrent!! this one blame no one ler but my wallet, no $$ to replace :(

then, car rosak again!! not a big breakdwn, power window stuck! spent 1hr+ today morning at workshop n cost me almost 100bucks.

bck to office, a long exist problem suddenly annoying me!! bluescreen again my laptop!! this one?! sure blame la bill gates n loousy dell hardware... so wat to do, gotta backup data n send in to 8th flr bank counter to re-xme loh... n wasted few hrs just to get tat stupid sms push to complete...

during backup again, a 2.8gb archive got IO error, losing 400mb data on it, left the final archive of 2.4GB... hai~~ i no longer hot, i know something may have gone wrong in somewhere by someone!!

then thru IM, someone told me tat she dreamed on my laptop wit my ext hdd! then talked bout my car during w/end... see la, who's the culprit for all this!!! but i dare not scold her leh, cos if tonite i just co-incidentally passby her dream then sure i die la tomolo!!! namo amithaba~~ these days i dun do sin leh, dun la let such devil fool on me!!

p/s: suey is bad luck in Hokkien


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