Thursday, December 27, 2012

Windows 8 Performance in OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

I blogged on how I ended up with an SSD in my Acer 1810TZ. I then worked out a guide to migrate or clone the contents from the internal hard drive to the newly bought OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD. Following that I replaced the internal HDD with the SSD. Perhaps the final question now is how much performance or ROI (return of investment) I get from this upgrade.

I first took the video to show the boot up and shut down time of HDD. I removed the HDD, replaced it with SSD and re-took the video. And to minimize lag time due to me, I created a local test user with no password for this purpose. Since both HDD and SSD are now identical, the comparison should be apple-to-apple. 

Hit the link to read more.

This is the boot up time on HDD up to operational state where IE completely loaded the page. Now let's look at the same but in SSD...

SSD cuts almost half of the load time! This is where the SSD outperforms HDD when launching apps, loading documents such as powerpoint etc.

Shut down time on HDD...

And shut down time on SSD...

Again, SSD shaves off 50% of the shut down time. Ain't it cool? :)

Is it worthy to upgrade to Windows 8? Yes!

Is it worthy to upgrade to SSD? Yes!

I am extremely happy with this unplanned (SSD) upgrade. Like my friend said, once you SSDed, you will never turn back!

Update: here is the Windows Experience Index for HDD and SSD respectively. No change to the Base Score 3.2 as the bottleneck isn't the HDD but the graphic card. Significant improvement on hard disk / SSD score...