Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MotoActv: RIP

You probably could feel my excitement over my new toy, MotoActv for the past few months. No more. I am here to announce its passing.

It's was one of the good days that I went out riding. Halfway it rained and I headed back to my house which was just about 3km away. MotoActv was exposed to the rain for that distance.

At night, it was my habit to juice up all my daily gadgets including MotoActv...

The next day morning, I was greeted with this screen when trying to power it up...

After several attempts plug/unplug and charge/discharge to revive the unit, I finally gave up...

The video above is the screen I get every time now when I try to power it up.

Apparently there were many reported cases in Motorola Forum. Certainly MotoActv couldn't live up to even mild wet condition. IPX6 is not good enough to make a total outdoor fitness watch. A good device but poor design. I am not talking about swimming or water sports, imagine a marathoner who runs in the rain, or a rider just like me who rides in the rain. Perhaps MotoActv can only be used indoor. Sigh.

Anyway, I am not hoping for warranty replacement as many reported in the forum that it's a waste of time. I am now in the market again looking for alternative, Garmin looks promising. You certainly will see a post in Jacko.MY when I get the replacement. 

For now, MotoActv, rest in peace.