MedKlinn Asens Premium

I teased over this product in my recent post on the company's Autoplus...

Perhaps it's time to review it after 2 weeks of use. Before that, let's see what I got out from the box.

The main unit, power adapter, user manual, warranty card, the online registration card for extended warranty and a 40% discount voucher for maintenance service. Very thoughtful that package comes with a 3-plug socket for Malaysian power plug. Although the manufacturer markets the product as "maintenance free", but it also recommends to service the product (Autoplus as well) at regular interval, such as a year or two. Hassle free though, just a call and the company will come to your doorstep to pick it up. No extra charge on the pickup and delivery service, you pay only the maintenance fee.

Asens Premium comes with Turbo feature that can boast up the coverage to 600 square feet, versus smaller unit Asens that covers only 400 square feet. 

At the back, there is a filter that requires regular wash, a wash with water will do. 

Plug in the power, press the power button and you're good to go. The unit looks quite elegant with blue light illuminated from the top...

No worries, it's not striking at all. Just nice to add some elegance to the room.

I can't really say it's extremely good with mere 2 weeks of usage but with a sensitive nose I do feel or smell a difference. As my living hall and dining area is open design, the food aroma (or even stench for some food like fried anchovies) used to fill up the entire living hall. It's no longer a case now and my air cond does feel fresher as well. The most obvious result is with the in-car sterilizer Autoplus. The muddy smell is very unpleasant especially when the car is parked under hot sun after some offroad ride. In addition, the air cond usually emits "old car smell" after some years if you own an aging car. My 7 years old car's air cond now emits clean air without any smell.

That's thus far I can share. I do agree with the sales lady that the products may seem not worth the investment as you won't see any tangible result. But I do believe it's working with little differences I observed above. I plan to get another unit or two for bedrooms during the next promotion.

Next I will certainly try with durian in car and in house with full blast of air cond :) 


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