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I had very bad sinus years back before I went for operations, to the extent that I would have nose bleed every morning. I was introduced to all sorts of air refresher, air cleaner, air ionizer, air sterilizer and whatnot. You name it. I was extremely skeptical with such products, none came into my possession until today....

MedKlinn, a very well known brand in air sterilizer ionizer. Above is 3 units of its latest in-car air sterilizer products, the Autoplus. 

Check out more after the break, with mystery gift.... :)

Unbox it you get a unit of Autoplus, a simple yet comprehensive manual, warranty card and a leaflet about extended warranty. 

The unit built feels solid and the plastic feels premium. It may look bulky but it's not as heavy as its look. 

Since both Autoplus and the outgoing model, Asens Auto are sharing the same design which is 90 degrees foldable to fit different vehicle configuration, the same stick on warning sticker is used with Autoplus.

Flip to the back of the unit, there is a new switch that the Asens Auto doesn't have. This switch allows 2 modes to fit different vehicle size, for instance, I for sedan and II for SUV/Crossover and MPV.

Plug it into the cigarette lighter socket in the car and voila! The LED brights up and it starts working!

What changed my perception on this thingy? Real life experience - I was riding on a friend's car. Both of us are durian lover. We bought durians with his car back to his house, indulged the bittersweet of Musang King,  and went out again in his car for a quick mamak chill. Surprisingly that the cabin did not smell stink at all! He has the Asens Auto. I was still skeptical with its high price and I thought both of us were stink enough to smell anything else from the in-car air. 

I needed a second case study to justify. One of my friends is a cheating smoker and always smoke when driving alone. To my surprise, he can survive for many years without his wife knowing it because his car doesn't smell like a smoker car at all. Again, MedKlinn Asens Auto is the magic wand. Opps... I hope his wife doesn't read my blog. LoL. Anyway he is cutting down the frequency now. Good for him. 

Finally, the third reason was my car smells a little muddy after every weekend offroad ride especially if I have a wet wet ride. Plus, I still have very sensitive nose due to sinus. 

That made me venture into this health gadget world and here's the deal I discovered at HomeDec Exhibition 2013 today...

The Autoplus is discounted to RM359 for first unit and RM333 for second unit onwards, versus RM399 retail price. 

You can google and may find the price doesn't deviate much from the retail price. What's more you get a plush hand towel (shown above) for every RM600 purchase (i.e. RM1,200, RM1,800 etc). Therefore this discount is really a good deal. 

Want to make the deal even better and get rewarded for visiting Jacko.MY? Read on!

Click on this link, print it out and hand it to the sales person as if you're a returning customer. What do you get out of that? Check out below...

From RM399 to RM359 then RM333, and now RM319 per unit including the first unit! To add icing to the deal, you get the same plush hand tower with purchase of only RM450 (vs. RM600), and the second hand tower follows with purchase of RM1,000 (vs. RM1,200).

Here's my total damage...

Managed to poison my siblings and friend to follow suit. 

I wanted to get an Asens for living hall but ended up with the new Asens Premium that covers 600 square feets vs. 400sqft of Asens...

Still in the box, perhaps will provide the review/feedback after few days of use.

Hurry up! 2 days left! Wait no more and rush to HomeDec Exhibition if you're into air sterilizer or ionizer. Remember to print out and ask for special discount! ;)


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