Durian~ Durian~

Life has been busy lately ever since I switched job, not even have time to think about the good life I used to enjoy in the old company. Well, guess it's just a matter of time for dust to settle (hopefully). No matter how, how could I miss out the durian season which is going on now?! 

It was just one fine day I suddenly craved for durian and it was just so coincidental that I stumbled upon this durian stall that I visited some time ago. Sound like a pregnant lady who suddenly hungers for something huh? LoL...

The Raja Musang durian or direct translate to "king of weasel of king of fruit" (sound so wrong right? LoL) really magnetically attracted me to stop by...

Oh yeah, it's my favorite breed! 

Needless to describe how Raja Musang taste like if you're durian lover. 

As usual in this BullehLand, price is on the rise. RM18/kg and RM26/kg for new and old breeds of Raja Musang, respectively. 

I also tried another bitter sweet breed Sultan (the left container in the photo) at RM18/kg, not to my liking. Probably you can see from the color, it's not as yellowish as Raja Musang (the right container), hence "less bitter". Raja Musang still da best! :)

Our life can't run away from FB, so the durian stall...

Location, click on this link to navigate using Google Map. You know how to get there if you know USJ. You can call the number in the photo to ensure you get what you want before you head to the stall.


EDIT: I just recalled I blogged about this durian stall before...


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