My Humble AV Setup

Time really flies.

11 months ago, I got my house and begun the renovation. The most important thing was nothing but my AV setup :P and I had the professional to come in before any other renovation...

Now past 11 months and 6 months settling myself at the new house, let me humbly show you the outcome...

Simple setup, a network media player coupled with an AVR driving the audio out to a 5.1 system and video out to a projector with 9ft screen.

A closer look on the HDX network media player streaming bluray from my NAS...

The Yamaha RX-V1800 AVR that is capable of 7.1 output (hmmm, time to get another pair of surround speakers)...

The speakers...

The 5.1 system is a Yamaha system. There were other brands that priced at the same range, I decided on this setup after few auditions. It comprises of NS-C444 center speaker, a pair of NS-555 floor standers as front speakers, a Yamaha YST-SW315 subwoofer and a pair of NS-333 as surround speakers which is shown below together with the projector...

The Sony VPL-VW60 projector partnered with an anamorphic lens. It's not 3D capable, leaving another room for upgrade if my hands are itchy :)

This is my first proper AV setup, I am still learning from my other experienced friends. So I don't think I am qualified to write technical review. Furthermore some of the models here were already discontinued. I also just learned that AV industry is just like computer industry, models get obsolete in few eye blinks! Some models were the last non-3D model from its brand such as the projector and AVR, therefore the prices were good and allowed me to go a level higher than what I could afford initially.

Now's the time to enjoy this personal and dedicated cinema! I need some other "addons" to enrich my experience...

Good recliner and blackout curtain.


Pop the corn! :)

Let's enjoy now the popcorn hour!!


  1. Found your blog while doing research on HDMI splitters online :)

    Did you lay down the speaker cables yourself, or did you get someone to do it for you?

    I am moving my HT down from Penang to KL, and the biggest problem I am facing is how to neatly and cleanly pull the cables for the rear speakers.

    1. hi, welcome to klang valley! if u r doing reno i think u can ask the contractor to lay the rear/surround speaker cables (put it into the conduit pipe) n conceal it. u might want to supervise if the cables are of premium grade. this is what i did n i also prepped a pair of extra cables for future upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1 system.

    2. btw, here is the HDMI switch i use if google did not bring u there... click here


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