Saturday, May 14, 2011

Minor Renovation @ Jacko.MY

8 months ago, I completed a big renovation on my new house. 5 months ago, I did a simple "make over" over Jacko.MY. While everything is still working as usual here, I find some elements might be a little dated and a refresh could bring new interaction here. So, I decided to make slight changes.

It used to be like this...

It's now simplified...

It's used to be like this...

It's changed to this...

I am a minimalist. I try to make the site look neater and simpler, load faster with lesser scripts. Some of the widgets I used were hogging the page loading time and even failed to load in some occasions. I just love the boost feeling when pages load faster and I believe visitors would love it too. And the "Related Posts" should now improve with better relevance.

Finally, I added this "infamous" button...

From 2 or 3 clicks in the past, now it's just a simple click to share with your friends, if you like it :)

Thanks to and for sharing the knowledge.


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