Ubah My Bird

Ubah, a Malay word means change.

Ubah My Bird, change my bird?! What are you thinking?

Do you want to have a look on my bird? Let me show it to you now...

This is my bird, Ubah. Yeah, its name is Ubah...

Ubah, printed on the back.

It isn't a character from any recent animation like Rio. It is also not a toy like Barbie. It's a by-product of recent 2011 Sarawak State Election. from a political party, DAP. This cute hornbill is now the party's mascot...

Just like Superman with an S on the chest, Ubah has its party logo on it.

I am not a politician, neither am I an activist nor a hardcore supporter to this party. I am also not a Sarawakian, I asked one of my local friends there to get me this as I find it quite adorable and exhibits the culture of the indigene in Sarawak.

Perhaps it represents Sarawakians who desire for a change and better future?

Ubah, ready to take off?


  1. Do you want an angry bird toy. Perhaps both of them will develop some kind of relationship - either friends or foes haha..

  2. u like my bird in angry?? :p

    dun mind collect more birds if u wan to buy me. hehe...


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