SonyEricsson TrackID

On a weekend when almost everyone was cracking head what to wear for the prom night, I was heading to somewhere for a dinner. People asked me why, 1. I antisocial; 2. I hate to hangout in KL; 3. I hate formal attire; 4. I hate formal dinner (gotta behave) and prefer casual, light and easy. 5. Family time! I always tell my friends I can never be a boss because of this. Hehe..

While waiting to pick up my friend (at the same time I was thinking "Ok, I'm not bringing you to prom night, don't have to makeup kau kau and make me wait till the flowers withered"), I was playing with the TrackID feature for the first time and found it quite interesting. Check out the video (a little juddery) for a live demo that I captured...

Pretty cool with 100% result! The first song was MJ's Smooth Criminal, followed by Leave Me Alone. I thought the server might not have the entries for Chinese song, so I then played the 3rd song by S.H.E, Yes I Love You. The captures were started during the intro (without vocal) and all got the correct result.

I got my Jack Bond phone last year. I decided on SE C902 over iPhone that time was because of its 3G feature, good 5MP camera and video recording, A2DP wireless music streaming and its compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. I read through the entire thick manual to learn about the features, there are many other that I think are "flowery" or "useless" features, or features that only limited to Europe or US market including the TrackID. Until I tried it for the first time now and thought it's quite interesting feature to have fun with. I have difficulty remember people names and sometimes too on the song names. Often that friends ask, "hey, what is this song?" and I knew I heard the song before but I just couldn't recall the name immediately. Now with TrackID, perhaps it could help in certain circumstances, though I have yet to try it over a noisy surrounding.

I also thought, "Hmmm... Since I sing so well like Jacky Cheung, let's try to see if TrackID could recognize what I sing." The result...

May be I should capture a video than photo for my singing hor? Hehe... :P


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