Chef Choi Restaurant

It's close to a month since my last post about food. Not that I puasa or fasted for the past month, few good meals but allow me to get this dated food post out. Not going to be a long one, quick one 'cause only 2 dishes ordered.

Per the subject and photo above, it's Chef Choi Restaurant located at Jalan Ampang.

The appetizer...

Yeah, the yummy roasted pork as appetizer. This appetizer cost RM12.

The vegetable noodle...

And the honey barbecue pork...

Overall, the dishes were good, as tasty as that you would go back again after first visit. The only thing that may hold you back is the price...

I must admit the price is a bit on the high side. However, I believe you would think the price is worthy after you try the dishes. I yet to have time for another visit.

Here's the location...

click to enlarge

It's beside a Chinese temple, Po Ling temple. Hmmm... It's not in the MFM map v091012, not sure if the restaurant is still in operation after my last visit. Perhaps I should plan for a lunch there to find out.


  1. haiyoh... so porky lah you... the siu-yuk looks very nice.. can go one time for lunch lah.. esp after the "B" is out..

  2. Ya, siu yuk very best! No need wait B lah, anytime can go.


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