Yo~ Yo~ You Know

Not only that I miss the food in my country when oversea, sometimes staying too long in the mat salleh country, I just damn miss the English accent in the home country. It's barely "yo~ yo~ you know" style like in the States, but "wah lau eh, you don't know meh" style in Bulleh Land.

This happen even when I am in my country, sometimes friends ask why I suddenly so talkative, that's because I have series of conferences with mat salleh for continuous few days, I just suddenly feel like maximizing my talking time with my mother tongue. I know, it's just a week in the cowboy town, but I am really missing home already, especially after a visit to a Malaysian Indian restaurant here. Arrghhh! I just can't simply say "you go ahead lah", "no need mah", "cannot meh" here. Damn!

So I went to youtube with hope to find something interesting to watch or listen to MTV, and I found this by coincidence...

Kinda funny huh? Haiya, why the guard at the hotel and office garage did not do this to me, I definitely feel homey then. Hehe... The posting date in YouTube was 2007 but I didn't recall if I had seen it on TV before. That's no surprise as I never switch to RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 etc so likely I missed that ads. I didn't even know there was a serious Malaysian Idol competition sponsored by TM, I thought it was just some mock up logo and chopped records to make up stories by some boring souls. How dated am I?!

Here is another one...

Ha! This one I think I saw before!! Just can't recall what occasion. I just wished the Wal Mart cashier sang this to me when I paid for my bread just now. Hehe...

Ok, it's time to rest for tomorrow's battle, another week long war. I supposed to prepare a presentation package, but just sorta "who cares" attitude. I hope I am not giving up, yet.


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