Delicious Bacon

Let's talk about food now, what I eat in US?

Everyone calls me piggy. True, I am a pork lover, I get excited with anything made of pork. Bacon, not beef bacon but pork bacon, one of my favorite foods in US! Although I can get bacon in Malaysia, but none of the restaurants that I visited know how to make it dry and crispy like what I get in US restaurants. So I decided to learn how to make crispy bacon while I am still in the States.

First, get the bacon from WalMart...

Lay few slices onto the plate...

Put into the microwave oven and let it heat for few minutes...

After 2 minutes...

Still raw, let's try another 3 minutes...

Opps! Looks like I over heated it. Ok, let's put in another 2 slices to try for 3 minutes...

Look good huh? Taste good too!! Ain't it look like this...

The bacon that I typically get with dishes when eat in US restaurants. Yummy!

Set the microwave oven to 3 or 3.5 minutes and you will get the crispiness. So, what is so difficult for restaurants in Malaysia to make the same? Sigh~

See, I can also cook hor! Hihi.


  1. Try it in a pan better :)
    Get a non-stick pan or even better a stainless steel skillet. make sure you defrost the bacon 1st.

    put the pan up to heat, e.g. if you spash some watter it will sizzle right away. just leave the bacon there and let it sizzle.

    It will 1st try to stick to the pan, but once the fat melts, u'll get your crispy bacon.

    if you go further, you'll get bacon bits if you chop them and left over bacon fat which is great for pasta!

  2. Wow! Long recipe man!! Must be another bacon lover! Found a bacon buddy liao!! Should have asked you earlier as I got non-stick pan in the hotel too!

    You arrange open house la, then I go your house eat. I am a damn lazy pig at home, rather die in hungry and won't mess myself with cooking at all. Must find someone cook for me. Hehe... :P

  3. The ameriekans know anything about food????

    they can't even spell proper. you can't spell proper too.

    how can a nation that can't speak and write proper english know anything about food. in another word, you can't spell proper, that makes you an ameriekan and that makes you thick headed to know anything about food.

    microwave for bacon???? utterly barmy to do that.

  4. Oh datuk, only people who can speak and write English know about food? No wonder we have so many pitiful people in Africa have nothing to eat, and I think Asian soon would follow the African path too since many can't speak and write English. Too sad.

    And I am not sure if my English above spell proper or not properLY? Can datuk help to review it proper or properLY? In another word, opps, I think it's IN OTHER WORDS since I write more than a word (but datuk considered "you can't-spell-proper-that-makes-you-an-ameriekan-and-that-makes-you-thick-headed-to-know-anything-about-food" only one ANOTHER WORD), I admit English is not my mother tongue and I don't feel shameful if I can't speak and write English proper, err.. properly. I am confused by datuk now.


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