Jason Statham Recommends Koni

It has been quite a while that I burnt big hole in my pocket for my car. VPS, autofoam, GPS, audio etc. The car is coming 5 years old and the stock absorbers finally show some aging signs especially when I drive it spiritually. I was heading out looking for a set that buys me a balance between comfort and handling - replace with another set of stock shock is quite pricey and the setting is too soft to my liking; coilover and adjustable are past to me, finally I got recommendation on these gold bars...

The Koni FSD shock absorbers. Check out the technical to learn how comfort ride could be achieved with sporty shock like this, or how a sporty shock gives you comfort ride.

This is the individual part number for FD2 (you can't find this in Koni website)...

This is the part number for a set of four (FD2) that matches the part number shown in the website...

The result? Perfect!

The setting is exactly what I wanted. The ride is not harsh at all for daily commute and it's got hardened when I maneuver the steering madly. No more bounciness when going through hump, no more body roll when corner and less body shiver when passing uneven road. The car just got rejuvenated with firmer wheels and tightened chassis. Or put it in layman term when devil Desmond from KL Auto asked my feedback: "It works like a penis, it's hard when you need it and it's soft when you don't. Sometimes penis just get "hardened" by itself, that's the feeling of firm ride like a new car just out from the sales room." :) A minor hiccup which is on me not the shocks, I needed a few spins to adapt to the new characteristics of the ride.

Indeed, it's a very good recommendation from Jason Statham to me! Don't believe me?! Scroll down for evidence...

I asked him to show the Koni on his bimmer...

And compared with mine...

Hehe... What else makes you hesitate? Go get your Koni! You can't go wrong with macho guy like Jason... and Jacko! :P Drop a note in KL Auto aka Autofoam FB if you're poisoned.

p/s: scenes were taken from Transporter. I believe he was using Koni Sport.


  1. Bro,
    Is koni FSD require to use silicon damper for rear spring? ANy effect if without the damper?

    Thanks for recommendation.


    1. bro. no need the dampers. my dampers installed long long time ago when still on stock, just lazy to remove it when install koni.


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