A New Year Gift

Now I suspect mom. This mom seems to act dumb most of the times. But come to the right time she would just ask something that you have no choice but oblige to do.

She doesn't celebrate X'mas nor New Year. But at this festive season, she whether intentionally or unintentionally asked you something then you have nothing else to alternate except to buy her a gift...

With just a simple question, she asked, "how come my phone no more ringing when there's incoming call?" Smart huh?

Upon checking, it's confirmed that the old phone is faulty, likely the speaker/buzzer has blown out, the phone only vibrates when somebody calls. So, what can I do except to move my butt to the car and drive to the phone shop and get her a new phone...

A simple Lokia 2330. Err... Pardon my "Hokklish", it's Nokia 2330 Classic.

Oh, she doesn't need a fancy phone like iPhone, her requirements are simple: big display with big font and big keypad, support Chinese text, the best is to have everything in one touch and most important is to have exactly the same function as her old phone so she doesn't need to learn to use the new one. She doesn't even read sms that I have to clear the inbox for her every now and then, sound like a CEO who doesn't check email huh?

After few rounds testing other phones including an LG KF300 which is specially made for elderly, and the shop doesn't carry a local brand XiMax that has a model E38 for elderly, we decided to get this simple phone for her. It's as simple as only handful of basic features...

Which mom doesn't even bother to use at all except the phone book.

The package comes with standard accessories that includes a battery, charger and a handfree. The pouch is the gift by the shop and all this cost RM220 cash and carry. And from this purchase I learned that it's not easy to get a phone for elderly, none of the phone makers produce any models that cater the requirements of elderly. Though LG KF300 is the only one, it would be best if the functions is further simplified and make it a candy bar than clam shell form factor. I am interested to try XiMax, too bad it's only available at Mines-Balakong area, not even Low Yat. If you are working in phone industry, please take a note here, do not neglect the elderly!

As usual, I am a loyal customer to this shop...

KTS Cellular SB. All my phones were bought from there except SE T610 that I asked my friend to get the original from the distributor before the official launch in Malaysia. Beside the cheapest price, the other reason I like this shop is you can be assured of genuine original not only the phone, but also the battery and the other accessories. Moreover, good customer service. Now they even go online with free shipping nationwide! Go spoil yourself with a new phone in 2010 now! :P

Now she is happy with her new phone. Hopefully she wasn't westernized after her trip to Australia weeks ago that she would be asking X'mas and New Year gift every year.

Oh! I just realized it's exactly 1 year I bought the JackBond phone. Gosh! Don't tell me I have to buy a new phone annually! So who's next?!

p/s: I got a sponsor to pay for this phone. Hehe... I am really broke this year due to Mega Project.


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