Jacko Mystery

Michael Jackson is gone.

This was the big news when I was still Houston. In a week, I heard 4 deaths, 2 celebrities and 2 workers in my company. What a week?!

When I flew back, I was reading a Malaysian newspaper, theStar. Nothing surprise, the front cover was about MJ which I had read tonnes of it in US papers.

When I arrived home and started to download my emails and someone welcomed me with a good picture...

Jacko Mystery became Jacko.MY

It was the front cover of the paper that I read in the flight. I never thought of that when I read the paper. How creative the sender was?!

May be I should use this as the banner. And may be Jackson 5 is still a 5, inclusion of me! Hehe...

Condolence to MJ family. He was the first English singer I know, his song was the first English song I listened, his MV was the only MV that I never switch channel whenever it replays on the screen. I missed his concert when he came to Malaysia, too expensive for me and I told myself not to miss if he ever revisit Malaysia. That's all gone.


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