Ang Mo vs. Our Culture

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Found out this culture difference in angmo country...

i m on business trip at woodlands, texas. arrived 2 days earlier, so nothing to do mah lepak around the mall nearby to my hotel. then when i was capturing photos, i heard peepoo peepoo fr far to near. oh, the fire engine, look different than the one in our country, it looks canggih like a real professional fire engine, whereas ours like alam flora rubbish truck in red color. it stopped in front of me, then only i noticed a XXXXL lady was sitting on the road divider, with 2 guards surrounded her... the fireman quickly ran down to the lady, dunno wat they do over there, i was quite far away tat time, then i heard kudok kudok... wahlau eh, a red colored "zorro" suddenly came into the my sight, so smart... somemore it's a lady cop. she came not to show off one, she came to ctrl the traffic over there... at the junction, i saw another horse riding cop over there to stop the cars from entering the street. my "kepo character" made me very curious wat happen to that lady liao, got big fire engine, 4 guards, and 2 zorros rush in just for her... then i heard yeewoo yeewoo, the ambulance came. cool, less than 4 min (i guess), all rescue teams arrived at the incident place!! i slowly walked closer n closer to peep, pretending i m a tourist taking photos, but suddenly i found out something wrong: why no crowd surrounding the lady or the incident place??? the public just walk passed the lady (and the fireman), of course stopped for a while (less than 5 sec) to see what happen then leave, no one actually stay there to watch the scene. then i saw a guy in white shirt and cap ran to the zorro. hehehe... sure angmo oso kepo one like this guy... i heard he said to the zorro "do u wan me to help on the traffic?" and he turned to another guy and passed the message. apparently he and the guy are on vallet parking business, his fren then stopped all the cars fr the other end and asked all the drivers to U turn out. he told some of the drivers "vallet parking not available temporarily". damn!! now i realized 3 differences:

1. Efficiency

Angmo: I dunno when the case was reported, but in a short period proven by the ambulance, all rescue teams were there to standby for necessary rescue, even for just a lady who is still conscious tat time.

Our country: u try calling 999 or 994, see what happened. In our country, the officer always arrive AFTER the robber finished their business and comfortably leave the place. Mix FM Breakfast show got 1 time talked about this topic - 1 caller shared that she called to 999 for an ambulance, 999 told her "suma ambulance penuh ler, kena tunggu". Then when the ambulance arrive after an hour +, her dad couldn't wait and passed away...

2. Humanity vs. $$

Angmo: the white shirt guy could just drop the business to give way to the rescue. Although the cops were there, but he could still continue business at the side.

Our country: if the guy in our country, first thing come out fr the mouth is not "do u wan me to help on the traffic" but "tiu nia seng, wan to die oso die other place la, dun disturb my business mah".

3. Kepo or not kepo

Angmo: since the public think they can't help and with cops n fireman arround, they just walk pass so they don't disrupt the rescue.

Our country: 1 phenomenon in our country highway - 1 side of the highway accident, the other direction sure jam like hell. or what u can try to do is, stop ur car at emergency lane in NKVE, put on hazardous warning light (double signal), go down the car, stand at the side n drink water. within 5 min, u can see both directions of the highway jam liao. cool huh? u can oso try shout "tolong tolong, perompak!!" see got someone help u or not. but not too bad these days, sometimes read paper oso got some good stories...

so what does the story tell? up to u loh... i m not the one who think angmo punye bulan always rounder n brighter, but this tells us what is "developed" country. wawasan 2020??!! dream on...


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