Ang Mo vs. Our Culture 2

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i just recalled this... it happened while on the way to LA. 1 angmo fr michigan (spelling correct??) sat bside me... upon u go onboard n settle down, the stewardess would come n ask u for a welcome drink, so i mah usually asked for apple juice loh. then the angmo called for something special one, i think it's peach mix orange (or watever). the drink served, i was just happily enjoy my juice, then the angmo asked for a stir. so at first, everything just like normal la, he needed to stir his mixed juice... then i saw him used tissue to clean the stir, stood up, opened up the compartment, n keep the stir in his handcarry... oooo ok, i tok onli chinese or m'sian do such i realize angmo oso do...

after take off, again, a before meal drink was served, the angmo asked for the same thing, this time he mentioned to serve him wit the stir... i happily swithc on my archos to play MTVs. i got 1 new tissue left on the arm rest, the angmo then asked me if i still wan the tissue, i said go ahead use it. once more, he wiped the stir wit the tissue, stood up, opened the compartment, keep the stir into his bag... i was finding reason for him... hmmm 1 not enuf, he may need 2 for him n his wife...

wahlau eh, i start beh tahan liao thru out the 11+ hrs flight. i counted how many times he replayed the scene, it's SEVEN times 7!!! this didnot incld X times that i wasnt at my seat, walked to the back, read magazine, sleep etc... so greedy!! y he need so many?? he sell cendol ar? or open mamak at michigan, need to teh-o ice limau??

morale of the story: ppl always say we m'sian o asian like to take advantage, nvr let go any free stuff, free food etc... go hotel sure sapu all free stuff like shampoo, soap, towel, toilet paper keep it in the bag everyday b4 housekeeping so housekeeper can provide new one etc... but i think this is not culture inheritance, it's more on individual's personality... angmo oso do like this, do 7 times somemore... there's a survey done by reader digest previously on this topic (recently on the politeness ), saying asian tend to do all this shameful thingy, i just wonder what would the author (o whoever conducted the survey) think if the author was sitting at my place watching the action.


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