Arnott's and Woolies' Scotch Finger

Arnott's. It should be no stranger if you have been to Australia. An Australian brand that is associated with nice food products especially the biscuits such as Tim Tam, Lemon Crisp and Scoth Finger, the butter cookies that featured in the photo. 

Arnott's products aren't cheap in Malaysia due to forex. An AUD$1.99 product is priced around RM13 - RM15 here. There are some products like Tim Tam that are produced locally or in Indonesia cost half the price, RM4 - RM5. Well, taste wise, you need to try both to know the difference. 

Sis knew Scotch Finger is one of my favorites to dip with coffee. She bought this Scotch Finger by Woolies (aka Woolworths) for me to try, it's priced half the Arnott's Scotch Finger.


I told sis it is Toyota vs. Lexus. πŸ˜†

Arnott's has better aroma and taste more buttery, whereas Woolies' is more flourish powdery with no buttery aroma, still not too bad though. I think the difference is because of the butter used, like premium or normal butter, and the quantity used. 

Lately, I was asked about choices. One was offered a contractor job with higher pay versus a regular job with pay within the market benchmark; one was flipping coin about the present job and similar job offered by competitor; one was comtemplating on Tesla, Toyota, Honda and Mazda. 

Money should not always be the sole deciding factor. Quality of the subject e.g. cookies, work, life, love etc., difference comparing the alternative(s), affordability and the consequences after the decision.

There is always alternative in life. Think deep and ahead for each choice to know its consequence and impact. Trust your instinct, choose the one that makes you happy for a long time. Obviously mistakes would be made along the journey, you would learn and be better self after that.    

So the choice is yours. Honor it, go for it.

Back to Scotch Finger. I have made my choice. 😊


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