Insta360 Go2 Stopped Recording Video

Recently the Go2 could only record very short footages like no more than 3 minutes and it would auto shut. The camera would not respond to any click on the button after that, needing a reset. After reset the problem persists. In short, the problem is reproducible:

  • Single press on camera button to start recording.
  • Camera auto shut and saved after 2 - 3 minutes. 
  • Single or double press on camera button could not turn on the camera.
  • Camera LED did not light up red when put into the charging case.  
  • Reset the camera by long pressing for 7 - 10 seconds.
  • Camera could be turned on but couldn't record further.
  • Battery was still full like above 80%.  

This happens to both 32GB and 64GB models. Yes I have both models, and One RS Twin. Lol. On 32GB, error "Camera battery low" was shown with battery still above 80%. Certainly not completely drained.

Whereas on 64GB model, "Storage Error" was shown on the charging case.

I have tried the following but problem still persists:
  • Reset the camera through charging case.
  • Format the camera through charging case and Insta360 app.   
Finally found the solution after chatting with the support. 

64GB model [Solved]
On 64GB, follow these steps if you have the same problem.

  1. Put the camera into the charging case. 
  2. Make sure the camera is at least 50% charged.
  3. Turn on the charging case and camera. 
  4. Plug it to the PC. Wait for Windows to detect and assign a drive letter i.e. drive E. The case will show USB Mode as shown above.
  5. Open command prompt i.e. πŸͺŸ + R, type cmd and Enter.
  6. type format e: and Enter. See below screen shot.
  7. Enter again.
  8. Make sure your PC does not go off to suspend / standby mode. 
  9. Sit back and relax.
  10. When ask for Volume Label, press Enter. Or you prefer to name it. 
  11. Unplug the case from PC. 
  12. Close the case. 
  13. Open and reset both the camera (long press 7s on the button) and the case (long press 7s on Mode button). 
  14. Go to the record mode i.e. PRO video setting by long pressing the record button, make sure the duration is set to be 5 or more minutes. 
  15. Try record.

If you are using the GUI format tool, make sure "Quick format" is not selected.

On 32GB, steps below do not guarantee to fix the problem. Auto shutdown still happens with the same "camera battery low" error, but the steps seem to extend the recording a little longer.
  1. Check your camera firmware. 
  2. Download both latest and older / earlier versions from Insta360 website
  3. Read the instruction on how to update firmware via PC here.
  4. Follow steps in 64GB section up to step #10. Do not unplug the case. 
  5. Downgrade the firmware by copying the earlier version onto the root of the assigned drive.
  6. Unplug the case. 
  7. Close the case. 
  8. Open the case and power it up if need to. 
  9. Wait for the firmware to downgrade.
  10. Repeat step #14 and #15 in 64GB section. 
  11. Repeat step #5 to #10 above to upgrade the firmware to latest version.  
Above helps to extend the recording from slightly over 2 minutes to about 2.5 to 3 minutes. I have an open case with Insta360 on this issue, will update here once I hear from them. However, I have set very low expectation that the battery has been damaged by the firmware update like the infamous Sony ANC earbuds incident, or the battery was of low quality that could only last a year or two of weekend use. 

Good luck to your Go2.

[Update 21 Jun 2023] - Insta360 Support replied me with the following:

The result was disappointing, the timelapse video was only 22 seconds long. Means, the battery on my 32GB Go2 is dead.

Let's calculate. I bought it in March 2021: 

2021 with 39 weeks x 2 days (Sat & Sun) = 78 days 
2022 with 52 weeks x 2 days = 104 days
2023 up to early May with 20 weeks x 2 days = 40 days

Average I charged once per use per day on those weekend days. Means I charged the Go2 222 times, add 10% for file transfer, firmware update etc. sums up to 250 times of charging. As the case could charge the camera 3 times, so total of 750 charge cycles on the camera. The number is definitely on the high side, as Malaysia was still on lock down for 2021 and first half of 2022, which restricted me from using it when cycling. And I don't cycle 2 days every week. 

I understand each gadget including battery on EV has its lifespan. It seems to me the Go2 is too early to be certified death with only 2 years+ but less than 1 year of actual use. I hope the 64GB has battery that is more durable, so does the One RS. Or else, it is not worth investing especially model like Go2 with no user-replaceable battery. 

Lastly, the Support recommended me to send the Go2 for repair at their authorized repair center in Singapore insta360_service at Since the warranty has lapsed, certainly this is on my own cost. Will share more details after their reply, whether is worth to repair. 

Nonetheless, the Support is very helpful. Thanks to Alina. 


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