CX-5: AppRadio 3 Ep2

Enough on the installation I posted earlier (link at the end of this post), let's talk about AppRadio 3. This official video is probably a good introduction...

In short, AppRadio is a simple head unit that provides basic car player functions like radio, Bluetooth phone and music streaming and CD / DVD playing. The key feature is to enable you to connect your compatible smart phone to it and have it take advantages on the smart phone apps. You can find AppRadio app in Play Store. This is the official app (basically a launcher app) that runs on the smart phone to cast the screen and touch control to/from the head unit. Here's how it looks like when connected...

There are quite a number of official supported apps (check out the link here). Find them on Play Store and install onto your phone if you want to view the apps on the big screen. Obviously Waze navigation apps is on the supported list...

Same goes to Google Maps...

Look interesting? Hang on, make sure you check all the prerequisite before you jump the gun. Read on after the break to find out what are the prerequisite. 

As AppRadio relies on the smartphone to enrich its functionality, first, you must:
iPhone seems the easiest to setup, but iPhone requires additional cables and adapters from Pioneer and few caveats on iOS8. iPhone users will not be able to unleash the full potentials of AppRadio. I can't be sure how iPhone works as I am on Android Nexus 5 D821 stock 4.4.4 ROM with Slimport adapter...

Read elsewhere if you are iPhone user, continue reading if you're Android user. In addition, the rest of this post will be focused on AppRadio 3 but I believe most info is likely relevant if you plan to install other Pioneer's head units that come with AppRadio mode such as AVH-X8650BT. 

Congratulations if you have a proper adapter and successfully casted your phone screen to TV via HDMI. You're ready to jump onto AppRadio bandwagon, as minimally you can run official AppRadio app (link above) on your phone with all the official supported apps

Ready to go? Hold on your eagerness. I recommend you to patiently read on if you want to unleash the full potential of AppRadio, for instance, to watch YouTube on AppRadio and to have all apps including Whataspps display on the 7" screen. ;)

For that to happen, you must have the following:
  • Your phone is ROOTED.
  • Your phone has no problem running AppRadio Unchained (ARU). You must uninstall the official AppRadio before install ARU.
  • Optional but it's ideal if your phone has no problem running SecondScreen app or Screen Standby app.
I am excited to have you in the club if you fulfilled all the requirements above. Congratulations again!

Now let's build up the shopping list!! See photos at the end of the post.
  • 1 x AppRadio 3 (of course! duh!) ~USD350. Or 1 x AppRadio 4. It was announced on the day I installed the AppRadio 3 but I think I prefer AppRadio 3 with 7" display.
  • 1 x Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control interface ~USD50. This enables you to retain the steering wheel control.
  • 1 x Micro Bypass Parking Brake Bypass ~USD15. This is a must to allow watching videos when the vehicle is on the move. Do take note that AppRadio 3 requires double bypass (2 times parking brake to be pulled) than the typical single bypass so you can't simply ground or loop the wire.
Depending where you want to have the ports extended to, buy the following cables with good quality and adequate length (3M is recommended to reach to center console box):
  • USB extension cable ~RM30. Get it from Low Yat or any IT shop. 
  • HDMI cable ~RM100. Slim profile cable is recommended due to space constraint on the rear of the head unit. 
As I mentioned in previous post that the project is yet to be fully completed, these are the pending items:
  • 1 x SMAKN DC-DC 12V-6V converter ~USD13. This is to reuse the stock camera that operates on 6V. Most if not all aftermarket head units including AppRadio runs on 12V.
  • 1 x MAZUSB cable ~USD13. This is to reuse the stock USB port in the center console box. USB cable listed above is not needed if this cable works.
I will update later whether both items above work. 

Once you have all items above, perhaps you can do the following as final preparation:
  • Prepare your phone with necessary apps (read above).
  • Check and finalize to your desired settings for all the vehicle settings in the stock head unit such as the lighting, wiper etc. The settings will be permanent once stock head unit is removed and you will lose access to adjust it.
Now, drive to KL Auto for installation!! It's recommended to make appointment so that KL Auto can get necessary harnesses ready to welcome your arrival.

I strongly recommend you follow all the links below to ensure you don't miss out anything and the desired result is achieved. 

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