GXFC! Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

No specific topic to share, just logged in to the site to wish. Been pretty busy since April 2013, have been typing too much i.e. emails, scope of work, technical specifications and whatnot, so kinda "give me a break" in blogging. LoL. Life moves on, so still need some lights and colors to cheer up the life and I am taking this horsey Lunar year for slight enrichment in life, errr.. in home to be precise.

Here's the "before" look...

Plain look or look ordinary for a typical Ah Beng house with a pair of lanterns. One uniqueness is that the lanterns are one and only one exclusive at my home sweet home, you can't get it elsewhere except to steal from i-City. This pair is LED lanterns that are similar to the one in i-City, I didn't steal but got it from my friend, the supplier to i-City LED decoration ;)

It's been 3 years so I thought it might be good to enhance its look. I found something interesting at GM Klang and cost me no more than RM50. Here's the new look after 2 hours of "design" and "TNB" works...

Oh, the idea of putting up the lights this way was inspired by my little 4yo niece. Brilliant kid!

Happy & Healthy Chinese New Year! 


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