Ankle Injury

Picture tells a thousand words. I injured myself :( 

Long story cut short. I sprained my right ankle during badminton and torn 3 main ligaments on the ankle.  It got worse because it was new injury on the old wound (that was never properly taken care off) when I was basketball player. This is how bad it was...

I recall I was trying to smash and suddenly I fell when I moved my step. Don't be like the monkey in the office ask me how and why I fell, go check dictionary the meaning of accident. Oh right, monkey doesn't understand English.

Instead of conventional operations to fix the ligaments, the doctor recommended a minor surgery that he would inject some medicine to stimulate the healing of the ligaments as well as soft tissues surrounding the ankle and give it a month to see the result. After a week on the cast, finally I can see my own ankle...

Still some swells, bluish/purplish stasis and pain/ache around the ankle. The last photo above shows the needle pokes, these were where the doctor injected the medicine. I begged doctor not to put on the cast again if possible. Imagine the itchiness inside the cast and you can't reach to scratch. Trust me, it's the worst torture in my life. Doctor then recommended some sort of advanced ankle brace...

The Aircast Airsport Brace (btw, the website is very informative). It's really good that I feel some sort of firm support on the ankle when standing and walking. It can also be used during sport/exercise even after recovered, check out the YouTube here. It's not cheap though (probably cheaper at local pharmacy), priced at RM245 from hospital but what is RM245 if it helps to get me back to active lifestyle?

Not only the brace, this Phiten gel also helps a lot in soothing the sour pain and relieve the bluish...

This is not prescribed by the doctor but recommended by a friend. Initially I was very skeptical over such products but it really helps accelerating the recovery. I put on the gel for 2 days (at the same time I stopped the prescribed anti-inflammation gel) and the swell improved much more than prior days I had anti-inflame gel. So now I have the prescribed gel on daytime and Phiten gel during night time.

Not to forget some other aids that were in the store room after my dad's passing and now my turn to use...

Now I really appreciate health more than ever and really feel the inconvenience experienced by physically challenged friends. It's really troublesome to walk with crutches, and friends who know me can imagine the impatient me put the crutch aside and take the risk to walk faster, or perhaps "hop" with one leg is more appropriate. Don't tell my doctor ya. Hehe...

Main problem aside, this is the "side problem" caused by the cast...

I don't know whether it's simply skin dryness or some skin disease (I couldn't bath the foot for a week). Hopefully it's not latter.

Lastly, just to share another monkey question I got, "why you still want to play badminton since it's risky to get injured?"

My answer was "why don't you stop driving when there are so many accidents reported on the newspaper?" and I got hit back by "don't ask me silly question!" -.-||

So stop playing badminton is not silly but stop driving is, injure your ankle is much more sillier than kill yourself in the car accident. Obviously Dato Lee Chong Wei is damn f***ing silly dumbo (pun intended).

This is just one of the monkeys I have to "zookeep" in office everyday. Probably I should just answer that I deliberately injure myself to stay away from monkeys.

Anyway, this is just a mumbling blog to:
  • alert me in future to be more cautious when exercise
  • be more sensitive and courtesy to physically challenged friends
  • ignore monkeys to stay healthy :)


  1. Perhaps a reasonably more stretching prior to exercise; apply deep heat or Phiten prior exercise may help too? :P


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