For Malaysian, ever feel frustrated and upset with the TM broadband service? Click download and the progress stuck forever and 100% is like a mission impossible? The buffering time is god damn much more than the duration of the video you watch on YouTube? Wanted to access to blocked websites? Feel insecure with unencrypted traffics to and from your PC?

Freak no more. Like what I say in my blog banner, "Nothing Is Impossible Here"! Everything boleh (can/possible) with BolehVPN...

I am a 4Mbps Streamyx users. There is no way for me to enjoy the bandwidth that I pay and entitle to. Put aside the throttle done by TM on P2P traffics, my download from legitimate sites like (for service packs etc) can also never reach over 100kbps, not until I was introduced by friends to BolehVPN. Head out to the website to get a detailed explanation on their services. Basically it provides you access to their VPN gateways in other countries, your PC establishes a secure tunnel to the gateways and all your traffics are routed through the gateways. Since it's encrypted, TM can never eavesdrop the traffics in the tunnel and hence can't throttle your traffics. Since the gateways are in other locations, you will also be able to access location specific websites such as Hulu, Netflix etc. I wish they could have a gateway in Hong Kong so I can stream TVB online channels, perhaps an area for improvement in future.

I begun my subscription last year and started with a seven day trial. The result was darn good that my downloads were peaking at 400kbps consistently! I immediately renewed with a 2 months subscription and my subscription continues and still going on. As a bonus, you also get access to IPTorrent, a private tracker for all downloads with non-trial subscription.

Since you're paying so much to TM for the service that you can never fully utilize, certainly you would not bother with an addition of RM1 daily for BolehVPN service. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the service.

Wait no more to unleash the potential of your broadband service. I can assure you that BolehVPN really works!


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