Daytime Robbery In KLIA

Airport, the gateway to a country. It's often the place the visitors have the first impression to a visiting country. This is also why many countries compete to build not only huge but also to outrun the competing countries in its design. In this aspect, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA was one of the best airports in the region.

I have hosted quite a few visitors from other countries due to my job. All of them were indeed very impressed with KLIA and praised its services. In one of the occasions, the visitor told me he tasted a good local delight in one of the food corners in terminal building during his last trip. After few questions, I figured out it's "roti canai" aka "pancake with curry" by the foreigner.

As a good Malaysian, I was proud and happy to hear that and decided to bring the foreigner to try it out again at Pelita Nasi Kandar near my office.




Thumbs up!

This was the reaction I got from the visitor. It's perfect with a glass of milk tea, the teh tarik, according to him.

"Let me take this, it's just a small bill." To complete my duty as a good citizen, I told the visitor that I would pick up the bill.

"No! No! No! This isn't cheap in your currency!!!" What a big reaction I got from the visitor??!

Anyhow, I insisted and settled it, showed the bill to him...

I was confused with his reaction.

The total bill was about RM12. Apparently he paid about double (the bill I paid) for him alone with only a slice of "pancake with curry" in KLIA and a glass of drink.

"Isn't the airport a duty free place? Why is it so expensive? And Pelita is much tastier!" He felt cheated and conned.

Well (or bad), I could only silent.

I was curious to find out and went to the same stall (I guess it's the one from his explanation) in my recent trip. This is what I found out...

It's not only double but almost 10 times overpriced!

From my travel experience, I don't find the food in other airports even the airport in neighbor countries is deliberately overpriced like this.

KLIA a 6 star airport? But do I get a 6 star chef like whom working in a 6 star hotel to cook the "pancake" for me?

High rental? Then it's the fault of the management office. Why other airports can sell at street price?

I can't find any justifiable excuse for the price above. We always hear many people condemning the government is slaughtering us in every aspect, perhaps no exception to the tourists too.

Greater KL? Perhaps it defines Greater inflation, Greater con jobs, Greater prices.

Vote wisely for a better living, and next generations.


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