Red Doesn't Mean Stop!

What do you do when you see red light?


No red light here so don't STOP reading. Let me share with you a circumstance that you should go further and even more aggressive when you see red.

Once upon a time, you asked a hot sexy lady out for a candle light dinner. Your brought her to a restaurant with romantic atmosphere. Both of you sat face-to-face in a quiet and secluded corner of the restaurant that you pre-arranged with the manager. You then gave her the first surprise of the night, you magically popped out a bouquet of her favorite flowers right in front of her and said to her imitatively in Ronan Keating's voice, "pretty, Happy Birthday~"

She's shocked and surprised that she didn't know you got to know her birthday. She tried to control her excitement and shy away from looking into your eyes, "thank you," she responded with a red face . You sinisterly laughed in the heart that she could never escape from your WuChih Mountain 五指山 (grasp).

You then relaxed at the seat, ordered food and a bottle of wine. You cheered with her while waiting for the food. You suddenly had reaction on some part of your body when you saw her red face after wine and Angelina-like lips...

Holy sexy!! Your "another head" begun to turn evil.

The food was served. At the same time, you signaled to the waiter, a violin player walked to the table, greeted her with a birthday music and followed by soft romantic music. She looked even hotter and her face getting redder. Your blood just started to flood only to certain part of your body.

Dinner done. Everything went well with the plan. Walked out from the restaurant, hopped into your luxurious car and both of you were still enjoying the sweetest moments in the restaurant while driving. At the same time you were juggling, "where's next? Send her home or the hotel nearby?"

"Let's test her reaction," you turned your head to look at her and she gave you a shock...

When she changed her lipstick?! Why she changed it to red color?! Gosh! Why so red?! What message she wants to convey?! She is or ?? Or is it a red light?! STOP?!

Everything was under your grasp the whole night until now. You just worry a wrong guess would ruin all the efforts. Pleeeease, somebody pleeeeaaaasse help!

Well, if you have my number and call for advice, I will confidently tell you, "go to hotel NOW!"

I can even assure you, "if you fail, I chop mine!"

Wow! An expert's speaking here. Am I??

Let's unveil the secret...

Read the full article here at theSun via Gizmodo.


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