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I always quote, nothing is impossible in this BullehLand. I think many who live in the same soil would agree with me. There is always exception though, getting good customer service is something even Tom Cruise may fail his mission in this soil land. But exception of exception, once in a blue moon you may be surprised with good service.

Look at this...

Nothing special, it's just a Linksys Wireless ADSL router that I bought and blogged about it on April 2009. Let's see these 2 photos...

If you can't spot the difference, what about this...

Yep, my router is upgraded from wireless G to wireless N, model WAG54G2 to WAG120N.

Nope, I did not buy a new one but the wireless N router is free of charge, as a replacement of warranty claim on the G router.

The G router was faulty a week before CNY. It's still covered under warranty, so I submitted a RMA to Linksys online and got a confirmation for one-to-one exchange by Linksys. I was requested to return to the retail store where I bought the unit for a swap-replacement. So I happily went to the store at Low Yat, returned the complete package of the faulty unit with RMA form and original receipt. I was turned down by the store rep that he could not give me a replacement unit and required me to wait for at least 2 weeks to claim warranty! Reason, the G router model was obsolete and the store did not carry anymore, so the only way is to return the faulty unit to the distributor and see what I would get. As my friends may have expected, I almost burned the store, unfortunately I did not have C4 explosive with me. After some heat exchanges on words with the store idiot, I managed to get the contact info of the distributor to DIY the claim.

I called up the number, diverted to a sweet voice lady who in charge of Linksys products. Upon understanding my case, she immediately check in her system if there's any G router model for replacement. In less than a minute, she told me to return the faulty unit to her company and she would replace it with a newer model since G router is no longer in stock, which was the N router I got above!

I then took down her direct line, got the address and without further delay, I hopped on to my car and drove to her office in Selangor Science Park, Kota Damansara...

As you can see from the map, the company is ECS. You can directly search the company in MFM map! In the end, I'm a happy Linksys user!

Lesson learned from this incident, the retail store - blacklist and ban for whole life. Very simple case handling method you can read from above, why can't the store make a call to ECS (the distributor) to confirm and replace me the N router just like what the distributor did to me? Just a simple thing right? Alternatively, there are certainly many other methods to satisfy a customer, provided you are customer oriented to provide good service to the customers. Ok, I may be just a ciku customer to the shop, but now I strive to do my best and die hard to convince my gangs NOT to buy anything from this particular fuck up store located opposite C-Zone or Compu-Zone in Low Yat. Not much, a mere +/- RM2500 of gadgets from my gangs in a month, Jan 2010, definitely not rewarded to that fuck up shop. Perhaps an LCD or two coming in due time too. We rather pay a little premium (and sometimes cheaper!) for an assurance on good service. In contrary, C-Zone gave a very good service to my gang who claimed a one-to-one exchange on hard disk even more than 2 weeks after purchase!

Another tip if you are buying Linksys products. I do not know if ECS is the sole distributor, so getting a Linksys product by ECS may be a better choice (for easy warranty claim) if there is more than one distributor. You can check with the store before purchase. Oh, allow me to recommend you not to visit that fuck up store.

So now I am on an entry level of wireless N router. Hmm... I need to get an N device to enjoy the upgraded wireless speed. ;)

Thanks to ECS, in particular that sweet voice lady. Thumbs up for your good service!


  1. it's always like that, buy from a bigger retail store who are the appointed retailer to certain products get better service.


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