Phase 1: Migration Complete

Ok, finally, spending a day to go through my old blog site, reviewed >100 blogs (in 2 years time!!) and only migrated 1/3 of them... haha, too many junk blogs! Actually some of them were a bit personal to expose as they were blogs about the office gossips.

I planned for phase 2, but I doubt I will still
be energetic about this migration activity. There are remaining 200+ items for migration, and it's a tiring process you'd know especially the content is multimedia which covers photo albums, videos etc. So phase 2 will not have much content to migrate, and I also don't plan to move all photos from old blog, too many. Further, I feel some stiffness on my palm and shoulder, perhaps due to continuous repetitive movement i.e. click, type. Opps... Ergonomics!

Ok, tomorrow another battling day in the office, gotta rest early, good night.


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