Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boring Life, Making Fun

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almost forgot bout this... phew~ luckily din delete it as i was doing housekeeping on my pda...

this happened b4 my last biz trip. on the last day b4 i terbang to cowboy town (again), i wen out lunch with my pretty aunties group. we walked all the way fr opis, passed thru klcc cc, tunnel, suria then lrt, finally arrived at a shanghai restaurant in avenue k... it's a long sifu 龙师傅 (1 U n midvalley) punya branch...

nothing special lar... except one of the young aunties kept on asking me to sit facing outside so can see chicks... we mah ordered la, goldfishing around while waiting for the food to b served. i was abit exhausted n sleepie... then i incidentally found out 1 gentleman opposite of me kept staring at one of the aunties, err... full wit faith n luv like luv at 1st sight ... i mah then quickly verified if the auntie got "ppl" today... takda wor, then how come the gentleman looked at her like his savor o kuanyinma??? oooo... tat proved auntie still got strong radioactive n electromagnetic field leh, "short circuit" the guy till he behtahan leh... she din even look at him eye to eye, but the guy still kena short till dunno who is laopeh laobu!!

i mah continue looked at him la, then he noticed me, quickly pretend looked outside, then turned his head to talk to his fren... n so lucky to ease his embarrassment, his food was served at the same time, so he mah keke pretend eating wit full concentration lor... nah, pretending...

since this is veli good news, i mah told the pretty auntie lor... old like still got admirer... who knows she so langsi, she boh suka lang wor... y leh??? she said he look like watersoil 水泥 guy wor, nvr seen him in san francisco, n she wan onli angmo wor... this is y every morning she sat in klcc san francisco for almost 1 hr to fish angmo... occasionally try her luck at citibank punya branch... individual preference la, so bohpian lor... sorry to the gentleman... i just wonder if tat day the auntie "ppl", i think he might hv been walk over n say to auntie: "sweetie, may i know u?"... hahahaha

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