Wagyu Beef

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Today i m finally free - my boss has gone back to ffx after 2 wks in AP. after the china town's rolex hunting for him, he wanted to go for a "better" dinner for his last day in kl, so he suggested to go bck to mandarin oriental, n he can go bck to his room right after the dinner n catch up the flight.

upon arrival at the hotel, i thought of bringing him to the chinese restaurant, getting some unusual dim sum like abalone siew mai, shark fin porridge etc, then i saw in the directory the japaness restaurant at P1 level... hmmm since i tried the chinese restaurant b4, y not giv a try on the japanese food... hihi, since he is paying...then went dwn to the restaurant... wow, no one dining in the restaurant... looks like the price is gonna to b killing, but who cares??!!

flipped thru the menu, sushi, udon, sashimi etc all like very normal one... then 1 caught my attention - shabu shabu. at first i thought it was sabun sabun, n was curious y japanese eat sabun one... then looked at the price... got 2 types of beef, 1 called aust. beef - RM98 per pax, n the other one is aust. wagyu beef - RM188 per pax... looks "interesting" on the price... i mah kekek pretend ask him wat is shabu shabu har?? then this boss har, din answer me but smiled bck to me, n told me "u were looking at that? i was thinking the same"... lke tat mean i got approval liao lah... then looked more details, minimum order must b 2 pax, so confirmed la!! no need think so much liao!!! i ordered 2 pax of aust. wagyu beef

shabu shabu actually like chinese steamboat, but onli comes wit vege and the beef. so u put the vege into the soup just like how u eat steamboat. sure i first tried on the beef, within seconds, the beef turned from red to dark grey color, so fast it gets cooked... okok no need to talk, let's try... WOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! i dunno how to explain, the beef just melt in my mouth, the texture was soooooooo smooth... n no need any sauce, chilis, just eat plain n it's sweet!!! jin beh tahan!!! the beef i had in the past most of them were like chewing gum... or rubber band, this one just put into ur mouth, n it melt!! the angmo boss sure like beef la, he looked at my face expression oso beh tahan liao, kiasu like tat get 1 slice n dumped it into the soup... hehehe... he got same face expression like me... somemore advised me must try kobe beef if i go jpn.

then come to the bill time... heheh RM 188*2 + 15% tax + drinks (beer + wine) = RM580!!!! 2 for RM580!! RM290 per pax!! the most expensive meal i ever had in malaysia!!! wahahaha... my boss like "hmm... not bad, just onli USD 156". n he said once in a while must enjoy like tat since most of our meals during trip were inexpensive...

now RM290 is my record for a meal in m'sia... must find chance to break this record again :p

p/s: check out here what is wagyu beef


  1. haha, yes, wahyu beef is good, kobe A6 is even greater and even more expensive.

    Nway, I hope you have beaten your RM290 record already.

  2. ha! not yet, RM290 is still in my book of record! in malaysia, there is not much choice that i can beat the record and worth the value. perhaps i hv not not found one...


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